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Several transportation options available on New Year’s Eve

Kron4 Jan 1: Millbrae and Daly City lines will make all San Francisco stops. Also in this article: Embarcadero (archive) (more…)

Gayer is one of the best ever out of Mills

Smdailyjournal Dec 31: A former middle school runner at Millbrae’s St. Petersburg, Russia, Dunstan School — where the longest track even is the one-mile race — Gayer was elated at the idea of graduating to Mills where she would get the chance to run a two-mile event. (more…)

Winter windfall: Peninsula cold-weather equipment vendors make seasonal sales

Smdailyjournal Dec 30: Timothy Muhic, of Timothy Muhic Ski & Snowboard Services in Millbrae, helps pick out skis for Larry and Kathy Rozsnyai’s son Adam before their ski trip. (more…)

Caltrain, BART to operate special service on New Year's Eve

KTVU Dec 30: Millbrae and Daly City-bound passengers should use the Montgomery station after the fireworks show, according to BART officials. (more…)

Person walking on tracks near Embarcadero causes major BART delay

Sfgate Dec 30: …but it expanded to include the San Francisco International Airport (archive) route, as well as Millbrae and Daly City-… (more…)

Person On Tracks Causes Major BART Delay In Transbay Tube

Sanfrancisco Cbslocal Dec 30: BART officials announced at 7:09 in the afternoon via Twitter that there was a delay in the Transbay Tube in the SFO, Millbrae, Daly City and East Bay directions. (more…)

Free Muni on New Year’s Eve

Sf Funcheap Dec 29: Millbrae and Daly City trains will stop at all stations in San Francisco. Embarcadero is also int this story. (archive) (more…)

Caltrain, BART to run on special service schedule on New Year’s Eve

Kron4 Dec 29: Millbrae and Daly City-bound passengers should use the… Also mentioned: Francisco (archive) (more…)

Man arrested for suspected DUI after slamming into parked cars in Colma

Kron4 Dec 29: The driver, a resident of Millbrae, was arrested and booked into San Mateo County Jail for suspected DUI. (more…)

Alleged Burlingame burglar could face life in prison

Smdailyjournal Dec 29: A Burlingame man with a history of residential burglary could face life in prison after being charged with a Millbrae crime and allegedly ramming an undercover police car> with a stolen car in Belmont, according to prosecutors. (more…)

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Millbrae (Block5)

City weighs high-speed rail impacts: Millbrae officials consider ways trains will blend with downtown development vision

Smdailyjournal Feb 16: Millbrae officials are grappling with ways a coming high-speed rail stop may mix with the city’s city centre train station and the future developments proposed near the transit center. (more…)

Millbrae officials re-examining builder fees: New, reduced rates proposed to be charged for builders of 116-acre site

Smdailyjournal Feb 14: Following builders decrying proposed residential development fee hikes in Millbrae, officials have backed off the amount of money sought to counterbalance the toll… (more…)

Millbrae kicks off Lunar New Year: Community’s multiculturalism on display in Year of the Rooster

Smdailyjournal Feb 10: Millbrae residents are slated to stylishly ring in the Year of the Rooster with a Lunar Completely new Year celebration designed to raise funds benefiting local students. (more…)

Uber and Lyft: Friend or Foe in the Battle for Livable Streets?

Long article from Sf Streetsblog Feb 9: Wouldn’t it be easier to take the #23 bus to Glen Park BART station (or the K or M streetcars to Balboa Park BART), take BART to Millbrae and pick up Caltrain from there? (more…)


Millbrae (Block6)

Millbrae Education Foundation – Back to School Message 2013-14

Youtube: Learn about the Millbrae Education Foundation, what we are funding, and what our goals are for the 2013-14 school year!

2013 Millbrae Art & Wine MCTV Behind the Scenes Edit

Youtube: A colossal Thank You to the fourty plus crew members that contributed to this years Millbrae Art & Wine five hr. live show !