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Matters Historical: Rail line from San Francisco to San Jose changed the Peninsula

Mercurynews has a long article Mar 15: Menlo Park, San Mateo, Belmont, Millbrae and Burlingame developed into service towns, each built around a series of beautiful properties that began springing up like mushrooms. (more…)

Millbrae Financial Position Continues to Improve

Ci Mar 15: The City of Millbrae’s General Fund revenues for the 2015-2016 fiscal year out-performed budget projections by over $2 million; additionally the City remains cautiously optimistic about its financial savings due to ongoing long-… (more…)

Cupertino, Sunnyvale: Mustangs pound Mills for early season softball win

Mercurynews Mar 9: The Mustangs, who had opened their season with a disappointing 4-2 loss to Woodside just 2 days earlier, stunned the Vikes with a 10-run first-inning rally en route to a shocking 29-0 annihilation of the visitors from Millbrae. (more…)

Man arrested for Princeton burglary charged with seven more

Smdailyjournal Mar 9: 6 of the 7 burglaries, which took place in Half Moon Bay, El Granada and Millbrae between June and Jan involved the smashing of front windows or doors of small businesses, including a Round Table Pizza in Millbrae and the Twice as… (more…)

Hillsborough woman to stand trial for ex-boyfriend’s murder

Mercurynews Mar 3: The San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office contends the trio murdered Greene on Thu Apr 28 2016, after Li and Greene met for an hour in the parking lot of the Millbrae Pancake Property to discuss a custody dispute involving their 2 young daughters. (more…)

Woman accused of killing ex-boyfriend to stand trial

Kron4 Mar 2: Investigators have released few details of the evidence linking the trio to Green’s death, but have commented that Green went missing on Apr 28 last year after he went to meet with Li at the Millbrae Pancake House. (more…)

New owner could return a restaurant to Empress of China building

Sfgate Mar 1: For decades the Empress of China was the top Chinatown destination for weddings and banquets, a status that faded in recent years as larger gathering spaces, with ample parking, were developed in suburbs like Burlingame and Millbrae. (more…)





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Millbrae (Block5)

City weighs high-speed rail impacts: Millbrae officials consider ways trains will blend with downtown development vision

Smdailyjournal Feb 16: Millbrae officials are grappling with ways a coming high-speed rail stop may mix with the city’s city centre train station and the future developments proposed near the transit center. (more…)

Millbrae officials re-examining builder fees: New, reduced rates proposed to be charged for builders of 116-acre site

Smdailyjournal Feb 14: Following builders decrying proposed residential development fee hikes in Millbrae, officials have backed off the amount of money sought to counterbalance the toll… (more…)

Millbrae kicks off Lunar New Year: Community’s multiculturalism on display in Year of the Rooster

Smdailyjournal Feb 10: Millbrae residents are slated to stylishly ring in the Year of the Rooster with a Lunar Completely new Year celebration designed to raise funds benefiting local students. (more…)

Uber and Lyft: Friend or Foe in the Battle for Livable Streets?

Long article from Sf Streetsblog Feb 9: Wouldn’t it be easier to take the #23 bus to Glen Park BART station (or the K or M streetcars to Balboa Park BART), take BART to Millbrae and pick up Caltrain from there? (more…)


Millbrae (Block6)

Millbrae Education Foundation – Back to School Message 2013-14

Youtube: Learn about the Millbrae Education Foundation, what we are funding, and what our goals are for the 2013-14 school year!

2013 Millbrae Art & Wine MCTV Behind the Scenes Edit

Youtube: A colossal Thank You to the fourty plus crew members that contributed to this years Millbrae Art & Wine five hr. live show !


Millbrae Employee Spotlight: Denise Vennarucci

Ci Feb 1: “My job is to make people jolly and I love doing that,” commented Denise Vennarucci, Senior Office Assistant in the City of Millbrae’s Recreation Department. (more…)


Drive-in project to break ground: Burlingame mayor says massive project could be catalyst for Bayfront development

Smdailyjournal Feb 8: To address the cost of living in Burlingame, Ortiz stated officials are in the midst of considering allowing residential developments along Rollins Road near the Millbrae (more…)


Neighbors voice uncertainty over teacher housing: School officials favor selling former campus to finance Mills High School development

Real Estate – Smdailyjournal Feb 2: An idea from San Mateo Union High School District officials to construct a Millbrae workforce housing development financed through the sale of a… (more…)


New vision proposed for wellness community: Burlingame residents critique senior housing, medical development

Health – Smdailyjournal Jan 28: …but following a sale of the facility to Sutter Organization officials pivoted to assuring district resources and homes serve the health needs of residents in San Bruno, Millbrae,… (more…)


Caltrain Finalizes Weekday Service Changes for Electrification Project

Caltrain Feb 3: …last BART connection at Millbrae Adjust train 198 for later……connections Minor revisions for clock (illustration: mararie) face (more…)


Wet weather, police activity sparking BART delays

Kron4 Feb 7: Now, there is an equipment problem on the track between Millbrae and Colma causing a twenty minute delay in the SFO, Millbrae, and East Bay directions. (more…)


Millbrae Residents Learn About Risks of 60 Year Water System

Ci Jan 30: …the Millbrae City Council, staff from the Public Works Department,…Since then, in order to finance (illustration) those improvements,… (more…)